Assembling objects

Posted on 12 October 2017 at 16:00

I have always collected various objects that, for no real reason have called out to me. There is a point however when a house can only hold so many things and that is what began a new endeavour, assemblage art. Well...not assemblage art really...more like collection collage. Assemblage Art however has a really interesting history and so here are a few words that may - or may not - be of interest. 

Assemblage Art

Historically assemblage art pieces can be seen in works of Picasso ‘Still Life 1914’ where he used scraps of wood and tablecloth fringing. It became more popular as an art form and in the 1950’s - 60’s works by Joseph Cornell, Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg made assemblage art. 

If you are interested in assemblage art then I would urge you to look at work by Janice Lowry, an American visual Artist who produced wonderful biographical assemblage art, alongside artists books and journals. 

Also take a scoot at Betye Saar who used assemblage art involving family memorabilia as well as being a visual Storyteller and Printmaker. Her work is highly politicised, engaging myths and stereotypes about race and femininity and she was part of the Black Arts Movement in the1970’s. 

I often take a look on Etsy to see what work is currently lurking about and I found a most fabulous artist whose shop name is Pantovola who creates stunning textile Art Dolls, Collectors Dolls & Memorial Art influenced by folk lore, fairytales and mythology.

Further reading if you fancy a gander.

Janice Lowry

Reading material - The Curiosities of Janice Lowry, Ginko Press

Betye Saar


Assembling objects with a surviving trace of something, an essence,